Saturday, June 25, 2016

Emotional Pain - Solved!

Resolve your painful feelings / emotions in two minutes. No matter how old or new the "event" is.
Trauma, rape, abuse, guilt, shame, remorse, embarrassment , humiliation, phobias etc.
Here is one tool that you were not thought in school. Its called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, or commonly known as "Tapping"

I'm not here to teach you how to do it or how it works, only to share with you
the great news that it works ( for me at least )
For how and why, go to website and search YouTube videos with the original developer named Gary Craig
I've searched far and wide how to deal with these things that hunted me for my whole life (51 now) and this is what I was looking for!

Someone said: "feelings buried alive , never die"

- They will eat at you, follow you, and prevent you from being happy in your day to day life, showing up in your head when you least expected.
All you have to do, is to go back to that painful memory of that situation. try to feel that painful emotion/feeling , - while you tapping the points.
And then, while tapping it will happen....sudden release, a relief, in my case its yawning or more often a sigh of relief. - that feels nice :)
If the release was successful, you'll be able to recall that situation and it will feel flat, without any charge or feeling to it, just like recalling a random date and time in your life, there should be no feeling to it. If i'ts still there, just do it again.
Interesting thing happens when you start with the first "event", the subconscious seems to know what you are trying to do and will serve you next stored bad emotion and so on , just like these things were stored in particular place and waiting to be tended to. strange.

Wonder what your experience you'll have.

Please post comments,

Thanks, and if this helps just one person, ill be very happy :)

Desktop Post-It or To-Do list for Windows 7 and 10 (solved)

I was looking for a way to add a "Post-it" or a "To-Do" list type notes on to my windows 7 ( now 10) computer desktop, while searching for some software to download I was surprised to come across a Microsoft page where it showed how to use "Sticky Notes" - a cute little thing that comes installed with Windows 7 and 10. My search was over, no need to download anything, it looks and works great. To use Sticky Notes, simply click "Start" click "All Programs" ("All Apps"- Win 10) " click "Accessories" and now click on "Sticky Notes"