Saturday, June 25, 2016

Desktop Post-It or To-Do list for Windows 7 and 10 (solved)

I was looking for a way to add a "Post-it" or a "To-Do" list type notes on to my windows 7 ( now 10) computer desktop, while searching for some software to download I was surprised to come across a Microsoft page where it showed how to use "Sticky Notes" - a cute little thing that comes installed with Windows 7 and 10. My search was over, no need to download anything, it looks and works great. To use Sticky Notes, simply click "Start" click "All Programs" ("All Apps"- Win 10) " click "Accessories" and now click on "Sticky Notes" 


  1. I love you!!! I have so many things to do.. was looking for something exactly like this and found your post! Im happy with my sticky notes now :) Thank you very much! kiss from Peru :)

  2. I totally agree with Miau, I needed exactly this and I didn´t know I already had it! Thank you so much :)