Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to play .ISO DVDs, with Windows Media Player

To play iso files (movies) in Windows Media Player all you need is a virtual DVD drive installed on your computer.
I use Virtual CloneDrive, it's free and easy to use. For more info and download visit developer website here
Installing the software will automatically create Virtual DVD drive. Uninstalling will remove it, easy right?
After installation you can see the new drive  by clicking (Windows 7)  START and COMPUTER.
On my computer it looks like this:
To play your iso DVD, just Right click on iso file and select "Mount VirtualClone Drive D"
The movie stars to play automatically in WMP if it is the default player. 
Virtual drive lingo :  Mount  = Insert DVD, Unmount  = Eject DVD

As an alternative you can use Daemon Tools Lite Get it here , also free but not as easy as Virtual CloneDrive.

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